• Yeahhhh I was pretty annoyed at the height requirement. Granted, there are plenty of other Mamma Mia's this season. But I don't typically think of these as "chorus girl" shows.

    littleeagle 01/14/2018  9:10am

    Stages almost always has a height range and they often type out. Their ensembles are very cookie cutter. Its annoying but fortunately there are 500 other companies doing the same season lol. And tall chorus girls can only be in so many places in July.
    (Much like when every company did newsies last year and ran out of non eq dancing men)

    musicalwarrior 01/14/2018  11:09am

    You don’t want to work there anyway. #boybyeeeeeee

    SATB7 01/15/2018  9:29pm