• 85 or so on line. Not bad at all.

    thejollyraja 01/30/2013  8:11am

    There's probably about 75 of us.

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/30/2013  8:27am

    About 120 in line now

    kiehner 01/30/2013  8:40am

    Any updates on this? Any ideas if emc will get seen?

    caitmtlvr 01/30/2013  9:11am

    Earliest appointment available was 3:30 last I heard, and I was very near the end of the line for sign ups. Chins up, EMC and Non Eq peeps!

    ashcakes 01/30/2013  9:32am

    Is there an alternate list? And can someone post how many emc are on the list so far? I'm working and trying to decide if its worth going down :)

    caitmtlvr 01/30/2013  9:44am

    Can someone tell us what it is like there? Are appointments full? Alternates?

    MTGirl101 01/30/2013  10:47am

    Does anyone know who is directing Show Boat? Could someone look on the sheet and tell me if it has that info? Or just who is in the room?

    redredrose 01/30/2013  11:38am

    Can someone please post what's going on there? Thanks!!!!

    MTGirl101 01/30/2013  12:05pm

    They are almost through the alternate list. They haven't seen any emc yet.

    DivaBelt 01/30/2013  12:42pm

    Could someone please post who ITR ? Thank you.

    Imaprettygirlmama 01/30/2013  1:37pm

    Any word on how many EMC there are and if they've started seeing them?

    ashcakes 01/30/2013  1:40pm

    Still going through alternates...

    outoftown 01/30/2013  3:47pm

    EMCs just got sent home. We're invited to leave résumé. 54 on alt list

    MyNewFakeName 01/30/2013  4:44pm

    Anyone know when the monitor arrived today?

    SouthernSutton 01/30/2013  7:09pm

    Two monitors today. First arrived just before 8am, 2nd arrived at 8:45am. Sign-up began at 9am.

    dmd123 01/30/2013  7:14pm


    SouthernSutton 01/30/2013  10:59pm