• APOLLO amateur night @ Apollo 01/30/2013  8:45am

    HAs anyone ever auditioned for this? They only see the first 300 acts, do we get there as early as a north shore call?


    An unofficial list got started around 7ish but I haven't seen it since - they don't even start until noon though.

    sks347 01/30/2013  9:30am

    Are people already there?? I figured this would be a relaxed thing. #reaalllyyyy #ugh

    pennyforyourthoughts 01/30/2013  9:39am

    I was gonna go after work at like 1ish...please post around then if its web worth showing up.

    Nattalyee 01/30/2013  9:51am

    Any updates?

    Nattalyee 01/30/2013  12:36pm