• Tuacahn Open Singers Call 2/1 @ Ripley Grier 520 01/31/2013  1:34pm

    Due to the expected large turn out for this call the following info may help you decide whether or not to attend.

    1. We will be typing based on resumes prior to anyone singing.

    2. The theatre is most interested in talent with strong a dance background and the ability to tap is a huge plus. The reason being that almost everyone hired MUST cross over from show to show.

    Thank you for your attention. w|s casting.


    Thank you so much for this.

    AuditionUpdate 01/31/2013  1:39pm

    oh bless you! thanks guys!

    janky 01/31/2013  1:50pm

    Is this call at 520 or 500? All the casting notices I can find say 500.

    maggie42 01/31/2013  1:56pm

    It's at Ripley!

    taaadaaa 01/31/2013  2:05pm

    Dude, Tom -

    With all these CD posts you should add a "from the desk of" section where only Casting can start threads and we can comment!

    KingJoffrey 01/31/2013  2:06pm


    AuditionUpdate 01/31/2013  2:13pm


    AuditionUpdate 01/31/2013  5:29pm

    BUMP!!!! I hope people actually pay attention to this and it makes this call a little more sane!!! Especially since casting posted it!!!

    taaadaaa 01/31/2013  9:15pm

    Thank you for this!!! I hope everyone kills it tomorrow!!

    God I'm a mover. A mover...moves.

    nycactor 01/31/2013  10:11pm

    Anyone there yet?

    nyauditioner 02/01/2013  5:51am

    just left there...about 20 names on the list

    auditionz 02/01/2013  6:11am

    The unofficial list on the door at ripley and its up to 50!

    lsg87 02/01/2013  6:36am

    Can someone please update whether theyre taking the unofficial list and when they say what time typing will be done?

    HolidaeIn 02/01/2013  7:13am

    They are up to 120's on unofficial list. Doors into the studios are still not open and no word yet on whether they will accept the list or not. Hope this helps!

    nyauditioner 02/01/2013  7:41am

    List is up to 188

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  8:39am

    How is this looking? Updates would be greatly appreciated!

    Reeses7 02/01/2013  8:40am

    Anyone know what time they are typing? Thanks!

    LegsMcGee 02/01/2013  8:47am

    At 9 they began collecting all headshots and said they would be typing based on dance experience. I suppose they'll go through the headshots and will create a new list? We're all waiting for further info.

    Dr. Sattler 02/01/2013  9:12am

    They just called for all of the headshots to type.

    Em1106 02/01/2013  9:17am

    Have they said If they will still type headshots if arrive by 10 when the call starts? How to be in two places at once!!! Thank you!

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  9:23am

    Does anyone know if they will be closing the call after they type? Or will they continue to accept headshots throughout the day?

    Jane592 02/01/2013  9:27am

    They're still accepting headshots, not sure for how long

    DGWocu 02/01/2013  9:34am

    They're still taking headshots to be typed. Just lined up the first ten.

    iamplayingme 02/01/2013  10:29am

    Any info on how this is going? how many were typed in? still accepting?

    Jane592 02/01/2013  11:52am

    Call back emails have gone out

    rut84 02/01/2013  5:41pm