• Heads up @ Ogunquit 01/31/2013  11:24pm

    Wow! just A heads up, Ogunquit theater just put up an OFFICIAL list in the Chelsea lobby and there are 10 names on it. Thankfully most people were there and I only saw one or two Sign up a friend. Wowza


    I don't know if the building is closed or not, but the doors are now locked

    BFAinServing 01/31/2013  11:30pm

    Does anyone know if the list has been moved outside?

    vaksurik 01/31/2013  11:52pm

    Holy god, I love those guys. PLEASE post if the list has been moved outside the building!!! Otherwise, does anyone know what time doors open?

    J1 02/01/2013  12:01am

    So this is a thing now? Signup on the night before. Kudos to the theatre for having the foresight to put out an official sign up sheet. But WHY were people there the night before? (If not to start an unofficial list obscenely early.)

    Sue D'Onimm 02/01/2013  12:23am

    The official list is inside and the doors are locked. :( LET ME IN!!! Rar.

    vaksurik 02/01/2013  12:24am

    Does that mean that we won't be able to sign up until they open at 9?

    Earbuds&ASmile 02/01/2013  12:36am

    Should I just pitch a tent outside or something?! Why why why must we all be rolling out of bed at ungodly hours and now even the night BEFORE to put our name on a list?! Can't we all just agree to sleep like normal people and agree to sign up at 7 or something (which is still early for my liking)? I mean, we're all mean because we're hungry anyway. Do we need sleep deprivation to add to the cause?

    Em1106 02/01/2013  12:39am

    It was riiiight theeeere. I saw it with my own two eyes! Woe is me!!

    Seriously though, I'd love to not get up at an ungodly hour....but the 107 other people who are willing to are still going to do it. *sigh* See you guys there, bright and hopefully not TOO too early.

    vaksurik 02/01/2013  12:46am

    apparently the people there knew about it cause ogunquit did this the past 2 years! im not going tomorrow, but i was in chelsea late tonight

    BFAinServing 02/01/2013  1:06am

    Ugh...whatever. I'll get there at 7 and sign up and leave. It's flu season, I refuse to beat my body up before 7 am.

    J1 02/01/2013  1:39am

    so what everyone is saying is that by 6 am the list will be at 600..can't wait!! i'll get my tent ready now. anyway, updates in the morning would be appreciated!

    tryintomakeit 02/01/2013  1:49am

    How's it looking over there?

    Earbuds&ASmile 02/01/2013  4:58am

    I just went to Chelsea and building is locked (obviously). Someone had started an unofficial list outdoor building. Hopefully names came be transferred over to official, if not its the name of the game.

    Sallysue 02/01/2013  5:38am

    Really? The night before? Ugh.

    Anyone there yet? I really don't want to wait for hours if the list is locked inside.

    alwaysabridesmaid 02/01/2013  5:39am

    A line of 14ish people is formed outside building to wait to sign up on official list inside.

    Justanotheractor 02/01/2013  5:57am

    ^^So are these people not signing the unofficial list? I am just not waiting in that line. It's going to snow this morning. Not worth it.

    alwaysabridesmaid 02/01/2013  6:05am

    People standing in line----DON'T start an unoffical list!

    I will be there shortly! Let us stand there in the cold and let the slakers who are still in bed not be signed up by a friend!!! :)))

    consignhc 02/01/2013  6:06am

    Agreed bridesmaid. Why do we do this to ourselves?? Sign the list and leave, friends! No one needs to be making their morning any more miserable by standing in the cold for far too long. I don't get it.

    baritnr 02/01/2013  6:08am

    How's it looking right now? Any changes? Approx how many people are there?

    MTBrotherman 02/01/2013  6:42am

    Approx 50

    Justanotheractor 02/01/2013  6:44am

    close to 200 and growing.

    elphie 02/01/2013  7:45am

    Bridesmaid and Baritnr, gonna jump on your bandwagon here. It's all well and good to fight against the list-abusers, but we're shooting ourselves and our self-worth in the foot here.. by fighting them in this particular way, we're draining our own energy and promoting not only low health but low self-worth. There's gotta be a better way that still allows the people (ALL of the people, including the buddies who would be standing in line for someone while they get breakfast and coffee) who want to sign in early the ability to go away and get warm until 2-3+ hours later. Might I suggest, if we're going to start some sort of crusade, not abolishing un-official lists, but rather having ONE noble volunteer just watch the list from the beginning to make sure people don't sign up 20 friends?

    GodImAMover 02/01/2013  7:50am

    It just can't be American Idol every other day, guys. We deserve better than that, no?

    GodImAMover 02/01/2013  7:52am

    You guys- they didn't mean for the list to go "up" the night before. They put it up there so those who show up early at 6am can sign the "official" list rather than make their own. (Some people just happened to be in the building right before closing/when they put it up and took advantage of the opportunity).

    They meant well. Don't complain. Say thanks for trying to help us!!!

    JJ 02/01/2013  8:11am

    ^ *slow clap* ^

    consignhc 02/01/2013  8:16am

    When I hurridly signed up I didn't get a good look at the list, did it say you must be present at 9 am?

    IWBOB 02/01/2013  8:19am

    consign- I have no idea if that is sposed to be a nice clap or not. HAHAHA! Hoping it's a nice thing 'cause I totally agree w/you on not starting a bs list.

    JJ 02/01/2013  8:26am

    PS. This line is already insane. Shoot me.

    JJ 02/01/2013  8:28am

    How bad is it now?

    Loonylunaloons 02/01/2013  8:33am

    In the 240s as of fifteen or so ago!

    New2nyc-tryingtolearn 02/01/2013  8:40am

    Heading there now. Can someone post what floor and how high the list is to please? Thanks!!!

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  8:42am

    Update- up to 260s

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  8:50am

    If there is a general announcement given by the monitor or at 9 about the list and how things will run will someone please post it. Thanks!

    Newbie 02/01/2013  8:53am

    Monit here about to read names from lost so hop, skip, and jump over here ASAP!

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  9:04am

    I'm with you JJ!!! Hahaha

    Monitor calling out names now! If you're not here now you go to the back of the line!

    Aka everyone who woke up and stood in line wins!

    Break legs! :)

    consignhc 02/01/2013  9:06am

    PS- if not here have to go to end of the list they said. And said doing about 30-35/hour lunch from 1-2

    Bumblebee1 02/01/2013  9:07am

    I went home after singing up earlier. I didn't realize I had to be there at 9am. Does that mean I've screwed the pooch?!

    dracomalfroy2001 02/01/2013  9:08am

    consign- I hope we are friends in real life. If not, we def should be.

    JJ 02/01/2013  9:10am

    Apparently it was on the sheet in fine print...try to get here ASAP!!! :(

    consignhc 02/01/2013  9:11am

    So, just to be clear I must be present right now at 9am to hear my name called even if I am in the high 200's?

    missbunny 02/01/2013  9:28am

    Correct bunny bun

    And yes JJ. Yes we should.

    *another slow clap*

    consignhc 02/01/2013  9:32am

    Thank you!

    missbunny 02/01/2013  9:41am

    Hey friends, any update on how fast they're moving?

    GodImAMover 02/01/2013  12:07pm

    BUMP!! Let us know what they are through by lunch?

    two 02/01/2013  12:15pm

    Going a little faster than expected-- they expected 35 an hour and are doing more like 40. They are full 'til lunch. They just called through 130 (in line). If you were here this morning and filled out a card you will want to be here when they call your name.

    eheitz 02/01/2013  12:35pm

    The monitors are really nice though-if you miss your number-as long as you have a card-they are being good about putting you into the following group.

    Break legs!! =D

    consignhc 02/01/2013  1:20pm

    Lining up through 150

    iamplayingme 02/01/2013  2:16pm

    okay everyone, it's now 2:30, does anyone have any new info from the room? Have they called up to 200 yet at all?

    LizaWithAZ 02/01/2013  2:29pm

    Are they past 200 yet?

    Harlem1988 02/01/2013  3:37pm

    Can someone please tell me the names of everyone in the room yesterday? I am normally good about writing it down and sharing on AU but I was a total zombie yesterday. Thanks!!!

    Ashinthecity 02/02/2013  12:22pm

    I don't feel like typing it out but if you post your email ill send you the picture I took of it

    consignhc 02/02/2013  4:05pm

    Thanks so much! It's ash.harrell at gmail

    Ashinthecity 02/02/2013  10:45pm