• Midsummer Nights Dream @ SOTS @ other 02/11/2018  3:50pm

    Has anyone gotten an appointment for Shakespeare on the Sound's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream?

    Where have all the auditions gone


    Megan 02/11/2018  10:38pm

    Bump again!

    Megan 02/12/2018  8:03am


    Bardlife 02/12/2018  5:00pm

    Got an appointment via AA this morning

    reeee 02/13/2018  9:23am

    Did anyone get an appointment from submitting via Backstage or email?

    BlahBlahYaddaYadda 02/13/2018  1:39pm


    Bardlife 02/13/2018  10:22pm

    Just got one

    strongmover2275 02/14/2018  12:18pm