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  • Theatre Aspen 02/12/2018  12:23pm

    Anyone get an appointment yet for Theatre Aspen?



    13dex13park 02/12/2018  2:09pm

    Doesn't Audition until the end of the month expect Appointments around then...

    emeraldlion2828 02/12/2018  3:36pm

    Actually, auditions are next week, and last year they sent out appointments a week before.

    GrimFerret 02/12/2018  3:58pm

    appointment out for ragtime through my agent

    Neverandy6127 02/12/2018  5:14pm

    Anyone for our town yet?

    13dex13park 02/12/2018  6:08pm


    GrimFerret 02/12/2018  10:29pm

    anything for rent yet?

    Hey7 02/12/2018  11:31pm


    redshoes5678 02/13/2018  10:07am

    When are people’s agent appointments that are out?

    13dex13park 02/13/2018  3:45pm


    redshoes5678 02/13/2018  7:36pm


    flatironhair 02/13/2018  7:39pm

    Have an appointment in a week from agent submission. Found out last night.

    Yummy 02/13/2018  7:48pm

    EVERYONE wants appointments for this theatre...every year. Very hard to get.

    towel 02/13/2018  8:42pm


    redshoes5678 02/14/2018  12:59pm

    Appts are definitely our for Our town too right?
    Anyone know why it’s hard to get an appt? Does this theater just see fewer people than most or what?

    13dex13park 02/17/2018  9:53am