• Musicals tonight -EPA @ Theatre row 02/03/2013  10:55pm

    Does anyone have any info on what time the building will open tomorrow?? What time will people start showing up??


    The posting says the building will open at 9:30, the audition itself starts at 10:30.

    JoyfulGirl 02/03/2013  11:02pm

    Are they holding non-eq auditions for this I can't seem to find anything! Thanks!

    poopie 02/03/2013  11:46pm

    Are there appts for this?? (This is not the page to ask but I was just wondering) :) Thanks!!

    Abbreviate 02/04/2013  1:42am

    Is anyone there yet? If so how many people are waiting?

    Berbobre2012 02/04/2013  7:40am

    Is there a line forming outside or anything?

    Actwa 02/04/2013  7:41am

    About 20 people waiting in line outside.

    CaptainRandom 02/04/2013  7:56am

    There are appointments. A noneq friend received one last Friday. They take place next week.

    PolkaDots 02/04/2013  8:16am

    Morning appts pretty much full, some afternoon still open. About 30 EMC, 25 non eq.

    Please post EMC/non-eq status when call starts!!

    J1 02/04/2013  9:57am

    All slots full. 12 on the alternate list. They've called through #5. 37 on the EMC list

    HeatherNY 02/04/2013  10:59am

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me what the non-eq list looks like it if they're still taking names?

    ohia89 02/04/2013  12:12pm

    A pre-lunch update would be great!

    HeatherNY 02/04/2013  1:09pm

    How about a post-lunch update?

    HeatherNY 02/04/2013  2:47pm

    Slots are full and there are tons of alternates. Doesn't look good for emc's, and definitely not non eq.

    curlygrl63 02/04/2013  4:38pm