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  • bump!

    NameonEveryonesLips 02/12/2018  10:42pm

    Bump for callbacks from Tuesday appointments

    beltingbadass 02/13/2018  12:36pm

    Everybody ought to have a bump!

    timestepz 02/13/2018  12:58pm

    Bump for callbacks itr today

    Darth Plagueis the Wise 02/13/2018  1:35pm

    The monitor said we’d hear via email “by sunrise tomorrow”

    reeee 02/13/2018  1:38pm

    Anyone heard anything yet?

    DLeigh16 02/13/2018  2:15pm


    DLeigh16 02/13/2018  4:44pm

    Bump for CBs from Tuesday

    beltingbadass 02/13/2018  5:47pm

    on Tuesday, the monitor said we'd hear "tonight" but that could be anytime between then and 4 am.

    bump if you hear! :)

    Marcy18 02/13/2018  8:08pm


    DLeigh16 02/13/2018  8:19pm


    Suiteofjacks 02/13/2018  8:59pm

    a bumpity bump bump

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/13/2018  9:22pm

    Bump. Anyone hear anything?

    timestepz 02/13/2018  10:15pm

    Does anyone know who was ITR?

    reeee 02/13/2018  10:33pm

    Ummmmm awk

    beltingbadass 02/13/2018  11:47pm

    Bump for callback info

    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  12:02am


    Suiteofjacks 02/14/2018  12:17am

    Nothing yet, but I saw them at the opera tonight - which got out at midnight

    FierceConversations 02/14/2018  1:06am

    Ah... that’s funny lol. Maybe tomorrow morning 🤷🏻‍♀️

    beltingbadass 02/14/2018  2:03am

    Bump anything out?

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/14/2018  7:00am

    I’m curious to know if anyone had heard about callbacks from a Monday even? Anything?

    timestepz 02/14/2018  7:15am

    Still nothing?

    Darth Plagueis the Wise 02/14/2018  7:17am

    Valentines bump

    Tooearlyforthis 02/14/2018  7:21am

    Nothing from Monday either? Did they just not call anyone back? Lol

    reeee 02/14/2018  8:38am

    We’re we all THAT bad?! 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

    timestepz 02/14/2018  8:56am


    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  9:53am

    I think last year they sent an email to the non-CBs along the lines of “this email is to confirm that you are not called back. All the best with your career.”

    So we’ll probably all get some kind of email no mater what, lol.

    YouSayPotatoISay...Nah 02/14/2018  10:31am

    confirming what Mackintosh said from last year. ^

    and bumping for any callbacks from Tuesday?!

    Marcy18 02/14/2018  11:08am


    reeee 02/14/2018  12:06pm


    Suiteofjacks 02/14/2018  1:16pm

    Bump for callback for Tuesday and Wednesday?

    CatMuse 02/14/2018  1:51pm


    beltingbadass 02/14/2018  1:52pm

    Anyone know what the pay is?

    Aktin 02/14/2018  1:58pm

    Bump bump

    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  2:12pm


    timestepz 02/14/2018  2:46pm


    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  4:10pm


    substantial 02/14/2018  5:08pm

    got CB for Hero

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/14/2018  5:27pm

    Did you audition Tuesday? Also is there any truth to the rumor that they’ll email you either way (CB or no)?

    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  5:30pm

    I was a Tuesday appointment, this is my first time auditioning for them so not sure on the email thing

    Keepcalmandpetpugs96 02/14/2018  5:35pm


    substantial 02/14/2018  6:15pm


    ItsTooColdForThis 02/14/2018  7:16pm

    They just posted on Backstage as seeking someone to play Senex.

    Are we all really that fucking unversatile? They won’t even hear any of the hundreds who showed up read a few lines for these characters?

    The director (who was not there this year, nor last year) truly needs to sit in on these auditions because the current panel seems to be lacking in imagination.

    YouSayPotatoISay...Nah 02/14/2018  7:58pm

    This is absurd

    beltingbadass 02/14/2018  8:24pm

    Bump? Lol

    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  10:31pm

    Tryna hold out hope 🙆🏻‍♂️

    thebumpingbagel 02/14/2018  10:31pm


    CatMuse 02/14/2018  10:58pm

    Lmfao. I knewee people needed to chill. callback by email out from a monday walk in (male), no appt.

    two spearate callbacks for two different charcaters. so theyre goung out.

    bewp 02/15/2018  12:58am

    Called back to read/sing for 2 male characters from an appmt. Wednesday morning.

    slothsaretherealdeal 02/15/2018  1:27am

    How did AEA allow the EMC program to be revised to all potentially HUNDREDS of new "buy-in" members to flood our already bloated membership without even so much as asking PAYING MEMBERS... and then they LOWER our drug benefits!!! These bums should be fired.

    Sassy Suzi 02/15/2018  1:36am


    Sassy Suzi 02/15/2018  1:37am


    Sassy Suzi 02/15/2018  1:40am


    Claude Hooper Bukowski 02/15/2018  2:16am


    Claude Hooper Bukowski 02/15/2018  2:17am

    Email callback for Philia and Courtesan from a Monday appt.

    jeaniebean 02/15/2018  4:21am

    Did all these appts go out the night of?

    ekat1991 02/15/2018  5:01am

    Has anyone gotten a “thanks but no” email, or are we assuming they’ll go out after callbacks (if at all)?

    reeee 02/15/2018  6:09am

    Received an email sometime late last night or early this morning for a callback for a courtesan

    BackeBabe 02/15/2018  6:46am

    Callback for Hero and Miles

    thebumpingbagel 02/15/2018  7:12am

    Received an email around 1am for a callback for Philia and Courtesan.

    Tooearlyforthis 02/15/2018  7:12am

    CB for Hero via email last night. Had a Monday appointment.

    Brownnal18 02/15/2018  7:23am

    Call back for Courtesan. Email went out this morning around 1am. They probably just waited until they were done with all the auditions M-W to send callback emails out all at once.

    ajbdancer 02/15/2018  8:01am

    Callback at 1 am from a Tuesday appointment

    Darth Plagueis the Wise 02/15/2018  8:49am

    got that cold hard rejection email

    ekat1991 02/15/2018  10:02pm

    No word yet, but there was a notice just posted on backstage asking for submissions for pseudolus for appts on sat 17 prior to callbacks.

    02/13/2018  11:40pm