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  • Theatre Aspen @ Pearl Studios 02/14/2018  3:37pm

    Has anyone gotten an appointment for Theatre Aspen yet?


    yes for next Monday

    dopplegang 02/14/2018  3:42pm

    Did you get it today?

    colz 02/14/2018  3:44pm

    got it on Monday

    dopplegang 02/14/2018  3:45pm

    For which shows if you don’t mind my asking?

    13dex13park 02/14/2018  4:21pm

    I got an appointment through my agent on monday for a principal role in Ragtime.

    Neverandy6127 02/14/2018  5:43pm

    Anyone heard of ones for Our Town?

    13dex13park 02/14/2018  9:30pm