• Artspower @ Nola Studios 02/04/2013  8:13pm

    Does anyone have any info regarding artspower's audition tomorrow? Is it for a musical or play/where can I find the listing?

    dead girl walking

    Tomorrow is a non-musical play called 'My Heart in a Suitcase." I believe the listing was in Backstage in early January.

    Scarlett O\'Hara 02/04/2013  8:36pm

    How many people are there?

    Actor156 02/05/2013  8:34am

    How many people are there?

    Actor156 02/05/2013  8:38am

    Official list is at 17 peeps.
    happy tuesday!

    orzosoup 02/05/2013  8:48am

    I've seen this play and it's very good. Well written and an interesting credit compared to your usual musical children's theatre. Go audition!!

    Bunnygirl 02/05/2013  10:41am

    Whats it look like there? Any chance I'll be seen if I can make the end of the call?

    imadamsmith 02/05/2013  11:33am

    Does anyone know who was ITR today?

    opalgirl 02/05/2013  1:38pm

    Greg Gunning, Artistic Director was in the room

    Scarlett O\'Hara 02/05/2013  2:44pm