• USO Liberty Bells @ Ripley Grier 520 02/05/2013  12:15am

    Who's been to one of these before? It doesn't start until 11. Are these usually really busy?



    Morecoffeeplease 02/05/2013  7:00am

    Anyone have any information about this call? I'm deciding whether to go out in the snow or not.

    RRightmyer 02/05/2013  8:18am

    So far, just 15 names on an unofficial list.

    GoTeam 02/05/2013  8:26am

    How is this looking now?

    SouthernSutton 02/05/2013  10:18am

    Can someone whose there elaborate if the singing is happening first and then they're asking people to stay and dance?

    I can't be there right at 11, nor do I have a straight up pop song. I know they said "pop style", but I'm curious what they really want to hear. If there's an announcement or more info please post!

    Newbie 02/05/2013  10:35am

    58 on the list. Up to #10 already. Calling 11-20 in a minute. 32 bars if two songs- broadway then pop. I imagine when they say pop they mean ANY pop ( Sinatra, Elvis, Elton John, as well as your 32 bar Taylor swift cut)

    BFAinServing 02/05/2013  11:17am

    thanks! Can people still sign up?

    Newbie 02/05/2013  11:35am


    BFAinServing 02/05/2013  11:36am

    They are asking some people to come back and dance at 2pm. Does anyone know the music director's name in the room?

    GoTeam 02/05/2013  11:58am

    Did anyone actually get asked to come back and dance?

    Arod 02/05/2013  12:16pm

    Hey-hows the list looking and are they still taking names? Thank you!!

    nicole.allyse 02/05/2013  12:25pm

    Sign up list is at 83... Not sure how many have been seen

    Newbie 02/05/2013  12:45pm

    Music director - Ray Kennedy

    They re asking people to dance at 2.

    tootall/tooyoung 02/05/2013  12:52pm