• Whoops I mean pearl

    K1116 02/05/2013  8:43am

    Any updates would be great

    Bumblebee1 02/05/2013  11:47am

    bump. this is the dance call where they're asking for roller bladers/skaters?

    littlemissmuffet 02/05/2013  2:48pm

    Any info on how this went today/what the dance was like? Trying to decide if it's worth going tomorrow. Thanks!!

    Jessika 02/05/2013  3:10pm

    Went today, walked out after ten minutes... it is a *dancer call* and I was out of my depth! The choreo involved a lot of turns and jumping. Choreographer very sweet, vibe in the room was all right, but I felt totally out of place...

    If you're a strong dancer, I bet you'll be fine. But if you are not a dancer (and, like me, just got enthused about rollerblading or the height requirement)... skip.

    Also, be sure to be there on time. Having gotten used to EPAs taking forever and a day, I was surprised when I arrived a little after 2 that the holding room was empty; everyone had been taken into the audition room to learn the combination.

    vittoriacorombona 02/06/2013  4:24am

    Anyone there yet today?

    Jessika 02/06/2013  6:46am


    BwyBound13 02/06/2013  8:28am