• Theatre under the stars? @ 02/05/2013  2:20pm

    Hi guys! I just got a "callback" email from tuts wanting a longer audition from me at strawhats. I can't find them in gig and tell so I'm wondering how this company is! Gracias!


    TUTS in Houston?

    redredrose 02/05/2013  2:41pm

    Hey. Tuts is great! I grew up in Houston, and I worked there multiple times. Super professional. I can't say enough wonderful things about them! And they look great on the resume, and bring in amazing people to work with.

    needadrink 02/05/2013  2:43pm

    Hey rose! Yeah in Houston! Thank you girl:)

    peggylee08 02/05/2013  2:51pm

    It's definitely not the TUTS in Houston.

    BerniePeters 02/05/2013  2:52pm

    I've never worked there myself (I'd love to!), but I grew up in Texas and I know a TON of actors who have worked with them (several on multiple occasions). I've only ever heard good things. I think the ONE negative thing I heard was about doing a show outdoors in the summer. I mean...it's Houston...in the summer. So go figure.

    redredrose 02/05/2013  3:00pm

    Yeah, it's in the Bronx, right? And how did you get a callback email from them with Strawhats 2 weeks away? Did you audition for them prior?

    Jordy723 02/05/2013  3:01pm

    Maybe I was mistaking? Will Hammond wrote the email. I saw theatre under the stars and assumed it was the one in Texas as that's the only one I know called that...? And researching now

    peggylee08 02/05/2013  3:02pm

    Ah I'm seeing now it's from Shakespeare in the valley. However I can't get their website to work... Mmmm curiouser and curiouser

    peggylee08 02/05/2013  3:04pm

    @Peggy, I got that "callback" email too, and I was wondering if anyone had any info on them. Their website says that their Shakespeare Summer Season is in NH? I'm confused.

    opalgirl 02/05/2013  3:08pm

    STAY AWAY. Donna's a psycho, you'll be screaming Shakespeare at the audience and the pay is terrible.

    shakeorshaw 02/05/2013  3:10pm

    I am so sorry to sound redundant, but how did you guys initially audition for them?? I'm just curious, because I have a Strawhats appt too, just not until the 18th!

    Jordy723 02/05/2013  3:14pm

    @Jordy, I never had an initial audition. I just got an email saying they looked at my H/R from the Strawhats website, and want to give me a "callback." That kind of made me hesitant to begin with.

    opalgirl 02/05/2013  3:21pm

    Ooh, okay! Gotcha. Seems odd, yes, BUT, I think it IS smart for them to ask people to be prepared in advance, seeing as there is no way anyone will be doing Shakespeare in the initial audition. This way, you at least wont be flustered if they were to call you back and you hadn't looked at something in a while.

    Does that make any sort of sense? I'm having a moment haha. But, despite the negative review above (which, Im sure is perfectly valid), check it out! A callback never hurt anyone :-)

    Jordy723 02/05/2013  3:29pm

    I have never worked for them, but I have gotten 'called back' by this company at StrawHats before. It is definitely not the Texas company, but an outdoor Shakespeare company out East. After my callback, I personally knew that I did not want to work there--mainly because 'working' there means YOU pay THEM thousands of dollars for the privilege of doing some non-eq Shakespeare shows at an outdoor theatre. That being said, if your dream in life is to do Shakespeare festivals and the like, it MIGHT be worth your time and money to get this experience at a 'Shakespeare festival' and have these credits on your résumé. And, for all I know, the people/company itself might be great to work for (I have never heard anything one way or the other). Those were just my thoughts after my 'callback', but you never know I you don't show up! :)

    loverlee 02/05/2013  3:29pm

    Okay, just received the email as well. Very, VERY strange. 'Be Prepared to Sign a Contract at the Audition'?!

    I've never....

    Mind you, I'm still going to go. But I don't think it wise for ANYONE to jump the gun like that. I think two weeks is perfectly fine to consider an offer, especially at a unified audition with many potential offers going out within that time frame.

    Unless of course one can break the contract within a certain time frame. Then I guess it's fine. But still, quite odd indeed.

    Jordy723 02/05/2013  3:34pm

    Yeah my email said the same thing. Saw your profile loved it blah blah. Haven't auditioned for them yet. If I have to pay them though I won't even consider going to the call back. Sorry I'm poor enough I need at least something to be paid :)

    peggylee08 02/05/2013  3:38pm

    Well, according to their website (which DOES work, you need Flash) if you are cast in Company B (which has its set of requirements, though they DO make exceptions), you're paid between $800-$1000 for the month you're there. Not terrible. I'll be going to the callback :-)

    Jordy723 02/05/2013  4:09pm

    Okay I'll check it out on my computer when I get home from running around! Okay well that ain't bad I guess I'll go and see how it is for myself. Thanks jordy!

    peggylee08 02/05/2013  4:34pm

    No prob :-)

    Jordy723 02/05/2013  4:52pm

    Do not work for them!!! Just DON'T DO IT! I've worked for them before and they are terrible. Don't do it even if you are desperate for work and experience. You are better off not having summer work than signing a contract with these people. Stay away!

    littleone 02/05/2013  9:58pm

    really? I wonder if Tom can set us up to where we can email. I'd love to hear why you wouldn't want to go back... both people who have worked for them have not liked it and I don't want to get in over my head! it would be my first summer work season in new york

    peggylee08 02/05/2013  10:13pm

    Here is why you should not work for them: Donna is a complete control freak. She likes to be in absolute control of everything, including the lives and schedules of all the actors. We were not allowed to drink, we were not allowed to have members of the opposite sex in our rooms, and we had a curfew. A curfew! Donna is the Artistic Director, Director, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Producer, and plays starring roles in all the shows. The quality of the shows is a joke, and we all felt we were there just to play dress-up so Donna and Will could play all the leads in her theater company. It was horrendous, I was not treated like a professional in any way, and I had nightmares about this place even months after the contract had ended.

    littleone 02/05/2013  10:53pm

    I have had two friends that have worked there and they have BOTH come back saying horrible things about Donna and the way things are run...DON'T DO IT!!!

    socalledchaos 02/06/2013  1:29am

    Anyone know what's going on with Shakespeare in the Valley (Waterville Valley, NH)? Have the advertised anywhere for their 2017 season?

    Thank you!


    The Granite Stage 05/07/2017  12:17pm

    Will is from Shakespeare in the Valley in NH. Really don't recommend it. Very unprofessional, unethical work and housing. Demand you to stand out in the summer sun in corsets, screaming unhealthily at the audience in a very gross stage. It's a beautiful resort town and intense experience, but I would stay away

    augustmonth 05/07/2017  7:30pm