• SAC MUSIC CIRUS @ Pearl Studios 02/05/2013  5:05pm

    Anybody remember who was ITR at the callbacks today? They were so nice and I totally forgot to write down their names.. especially choreographer?

    Thank you!


    Not sure of te names but...

    The Artistic Director
    And Associate Producer

    I would go to the website to see the names and pics. Maybe that will help??

    Ineedthisjob32 02/05/2013  5:55pm

    Just need the name of the choreographer- anybody??

    LFC 02/06/2013  8:43am

    the choreographer was Dan Mojica. He's from LA.

    Auntie Mame 02/06/2013  10:56pm


    LFC 02/07/2013  10:02pm