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  • PCLO Offers @ other 02/28/2018  3:17pm

    Has anyone gotten offers from PCLO’s local auditions? I know some resident offers but any other info? :)



    actinglol! 02/28/2018  3:53pm

    what do you mean by resident offers? I'd imagine offers won't go out till after the NYC equity auditions

    anythinggoes 02/28/2018  4:32pm

    Bump after completion of NYC callbacks. Any news?

    DanceAndSing 03/13/2018  7:10pm

    Soft bump for those in the back.

    CattleCallQueen 03/13/2018  11:39pm

    Any offers after NYC callbacks??

    LizDance7 03/13/2018  11:47pm

    Monday bump! NYC Ensemble offers?

    DanceAndSing 03/19/2018  9:30am

    Bump for Nyc offers

    TL1217 03/19/2018  6:56pm


    TravelGrl 03/19/2018  10:50pm

    Bump. Still nothing on this since final callbacks in NYC???

    DanceAndSing 03/22/2018  10:55am