• Harlequin

    Bump? Anyone there?

    Everyonecanwin 02/08/2013  10:08am

    This audition is happening!!!

    Ana144 02/08/2013  10:30am

    Is it full??

    Everyonecanwin 02/08/2013  10:55am

    Not at all! There on non eqs already.

    Ana144 02/08/2013  11:06am

    This audition now closed due to weather conditions. There will be another EPA Monday.

    dmd123 02/08/2013  4:01pm

    There are very few actors at this audition. The room is currently housing 2 non-eq's, and maybe 10 appointments have been taken for Equity so far. If you show up, you will be seen.

    Rusty7 02/11/2013  9:40am