• PLP showcase at the Duplex @ 02/08/2013  12:40pm

    Hey Folks,

    I auditioned for a showcase by P.L.P. at the Duplex, and was offered a spot in the room. Has anyone done this, or a showcase like this before? What is it like? Is it worth doing?

    Thank you so much!


    I did it last spring, and while it was a lot of fun and good performance experience, it was not worth all the fees. Accompanist fees, required ticket sales etc got really expensive

    HCHS1209 02/08/2013  1:03pm

    Yeah I agree. It was nice to perform at the Duplex, but there are other cabaret opportunities that are not nearly as expensive.

    Mariana89 02/08/2013  4:16pm

    I have also participated in this showcase. It was a great opportunity to perform at the Duplex, but I felt like it was a huge waste of my time and money. I didn't get any exposure to agents as they advertised and felt that the production staff was unorganized and therefore unprofessional.

    srp326 02/08/2013  7:25pm

    I am highly biased, but my showcases at Don't Tell Mama are half the price. sethbh.com has details! :)

    sethbh 02/12/2013  12:17am

    @seth, it actually looks like ours are priced the same! But thank you for the input. Your website looks awesome, and hopefully your Valentines day showcase goes well!

    la2nycexpress 02/12/2013  10:33am