• Aladdin ECC Dance Call @ Pearl Studios 02/11/2013  7:35am

    Any one there who knows what the non equ is looking like there? I heard they typed for the ECC singers call, but I just wanted to see what the list was looking like for dancers today.
    Any info would be great, thanks!


    I just left and I am #10 on the list. No one is there yet! Guess the rain is keeping people in bed

    raa2012 02/11/2013  7:41am

    AWESOME! Thanks!!

    bluebird137 02/11/2013  7:43am

    Anyone know how the non eq list is looking like now?

    HappyActor 02/11/2013  8:39am

    Up to 76 for non-eq girls

    heythere90 02/11/2013  8:42am

    Girls list is over 100

    dancerm 02/11/2013  9:07am

    how many equity are signed up?

    rainey 02/11/2013  9:11am

    Have they read the equity list/how many cards did they give out?

    bluebird137 02/11/2013  9:41am

    A nonequity angel is transferring the unofficial to the official list.

    I don't have a count for equity... But there's enough that they've run out of cards.


    strugglebus 02/11/2013  9:45am

    so I had signed up on the list last week, and monitor never called my name, I never left the room and monitor would not let me look at the list to show her what number i signed up on, made me go to the end of line of all people who didnt sign up! UGGHHHH soooo frustrating!!!!!

    rainey 02/11/2013  9:48am

    Probably 150 eq at least. Non-eq at around 200 and closing at 10. Typing non-eq. It's a mess

    Star7827 02/11/2013  9:55am

    Anybody know what time they're starting the men's non-eq list?

    theresaplaceforus 02/11/2013  10:00am

    When are they typing non equ? Now?

    bluebird137 02/11/2013  10:04am

    Men's nonequ list is up to 25

    MissCantrice 02/11/2013  10:05am

    up to 190 equity, just took first group in. groups of 30

    rainey 02/11/2013  10:05am

    Not seeing non-eq. Accepting drop off H&R's.

    lovernotafighter 02/11/2013  10:08am

    Just collected hs/r then said they are not seeing non eq today.
    On to the next!

    Belaaa 02/11/2013  10:09am

    Not seeing non-eq men either?

    theresaplaceforus 02/11/2013  10:33am

    any dancers out yet? are they asking anyone to sing? what is the choroeg like?

    tigerlily 02/11/2013  11:17am

    Yes! Any updates on non-eq men would be great!

    HoneyBooBoo 02/11/2013  11:26am

    anyone going to be asked to stay and sing today at the ECC dancer call?

    tigerlily 02/11/2013  12:44pm

    65 non-eq men signed up as of 1:20. Monitor said he will let us know ASAP if we will be seen

    theresaplaceforus 02/11/2013  1:29pm

    They're accepting pics and resumes but not seeing non-eq men

    theresaplaceforus 02/11/2013  2:01pm

    What was the combo like?

    BroadwayBaby 02/11/2013  4:20pm

    Just collected hs/r then said they are not seeing non eq today.
    On to the next!

    Belaaa 02/14/2013  11:53am

    is that no non-eg for the EPA at 519?

    meas16 02/14/2013  12:16pm