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    LiliVonShtupp 02/11/2013  6:10pm

    Italian cardinals have already started an unofficial list, but the German ones are refusing to sign it and making people line up. I'm told there was a fight when the third Italian cardinal tried to sign up twenty of his friends who were still asleep because they heard confessions until late last night and were still asleep.

    And what's up with these new archbishops? I miss the old ones. The new ones just aren't taking control of the room like they need to.

    Snarky 02/11/2013  8:29pm

    I got an offer. I'm the Pope.

    thebakerswife 02/11/2013  8:49pm

    Ah man, I thought I was perfect for it! Bet it was because I'm not tall enough and, you know, a girl

    shakeorshaw 02/11/2013  8:59pm

    Does anyone know what they pay??

    Actor_NY 02/11/2013  9:58pm

    I have so many jokes that would definitely get me fired, so I am going to shut up.

    AuditionUpdate 02/11/2013  11:00pm

    Seeking international actors for comedic video series, "Sniff." Experience with Italian socks preferred. Deferred pay.

    Snarky 02/12/2013  12:15am

    Ummm thank you for this lmao

    needadrink 02/12/2013  12:27am

    I don't know anything about pay, but I heard the housing is fantastic!!

    sam 02/12/2013  8:55am

    I wonder if they do non-traditional casting.

    caliact 02/12/2013  10:10am

    Apparently they're offering limited engagement contracts now? So convenient!

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/12/2013  11:56am