• Merry-Go-Round Open Call @ Nola Studios 02/13/2013  4:17pm

    Does anyone know exactly when the singer open call is?? It says it's Friday the 15th on their website, but Sunday the 17th on Backstage, and a friend told me it's also Saturday the 16th. I'm so confused.... Any help would be great, thanks!


    I have Friday the 15th written down...

    srp326 02/13/2013  4:27pm

    It is exactly this Friday at Nola. I emailed a couple weeks ago to ask because I was confused too.

    Anothersoprano 02/13/2013  6:44pm

    I have written down that the singer call is friday and the dancer call is saturday.

    sixbefore 02/13/2013  8:29pm

    Thanks everyone!

    Mariana89 02/13/2013  9:54pm

    is there a sign up sheet happening already?

    Eva2 02/13/2013  11:19pm

    ^ winning

    consignhc 02/13/2013  11:32pm

    But for real...I don't wanna get screwed when a list gets put out at midnight. I know one year MGR put a notebook out with the "official" list really really early in the morning. Does anyone know what happened last year? I didn't even bother going because the list was at 100 or something ridiculous at 6am.

    sausagefest 02/14/2013  1:12pm

    Just signed up number 228 at 7:22am for the open singer call. Woof.

    BelmontJordan12 02/15/2013  7:31am

    Doihaveto (sp) Thanks for the information. I just wanna double check that you heard this from the monitor? About over 100 not having to be back right at 10. Thanks again!

    okgo 02/15/2013  7:34am