• Evita EPA 2/15 @ Telsey 02/15/2013  7:57am

    Hi, can someone please post who's in the room? Thanks!


    Don't know anything yet- but there are 4 of us. Just four girls. Haha!

    Pinch89 02/15/2013  8:14am

    Ha! Ok, thanks. Well, if you can, when you know, I'd really appreciate who's ITR! Thank you so much!!!!

    Dagney19 02/15/2013  8:31am

    Are they seeing non-eq?

    Reeses7 02/15/2013  10:08am

    BUMP * who's ITR? Thanks

    Dagney19 02/15/2013  10:25am


    thejollyraja 02/15/2013  10:52am


    Machart 02/15/2013  10:58am

    Any word on if they'll see non eq yet? Much appreciated!

    jh 02/15/2013  11:18am

    They've been seeing non all morning. Who was ITR? I forgot to copy.

    Machart 02/15/2013  11:19am


    Dagney19 02/15/2013  12:13pm

    Is the non eq list still open?

    librasinger 02/15/2013  12:36pm

    Craig Burns and couple interns were in the room. Can't remember who the pianist was, but he was fabulous!

    14ergirl 02/15/2013  2:02pm