• TBTS @ 02/15/2013  1:35pm

    Does anyone know if TBTS is going to have an open call?? All I've seen are EPA's...


    They just posted the dates on theatrebythesea.com

    Ac1981 02/17/2013  10:42am

    Is there no non-union call for Annie or La Cage? Just Cats? Weird

    Ght57 02/17/2013  2:26pm

    They will have calls separate for Annie and la cage.. Dates tbd

    Ac1981 02/17/2013  3:04pm

    also Cats is a joint production with North Shore. so you can check that out too. La Cage might be the same (they are in both seasons)

    Elphie318 02/18/2013  5:07pm