• I got an e-mail yesterday giving me my date. They said there would be a separate follow up e-mail to sign up for a specific time on that date. It hasn't come yet.

    LangdonAlger 02/18/2013  12:29pm

    Damn, I guess I didn't get an appointment!

    lalalaaa 02/18/2013  12:59pm

    Bump. Did anyone get the next e-mail to actually set up a time? I'm afraid I may have lost it to my spam folder.

    LangdonAlger 02/19/2013  9:51am

    I realize on the Non-Eq website it said they would send you a confirmation once they got your h+r, I never got one, did you?

    lalalaaa 02/19/2013  11:25am

    I received a follow-up email about my HR and then after receiving the email about appointments, I also received an invitation to sign-up for an appt through One-on-One. I'm a One-on-One member, so perhaps that spread up the process?

    adina12 02/19/2013  12:58pm