• Dialect Coach @ 02/18/2013  3:51pm

    Hey there, I'm looking for a great dialect coach who's willing to Skype, any suggestions? Thank you!!


    is there a specific dialect you are looking for?

    bobbieannmason 02/18/2013  4:18pm

    Eastern European

    ICantIHaveAnAudition 02/18/2013  5:08pm

    elsonspeech.com Highly recommend!

    Snarky 02/18/2013  5:26pm

    Amy Jo Jackson is fantastic. Check out her website!

    123sing 02/18/2013  5:36pm

    cool, Erik Singer coached me with my Eastern European Accent and he was great! Do you have a callback for Once?

    bobbieannmason 02/18/2013  6:51pm

    I second the Amy Jo Jackson recommendation. She is fantastic.


    jennyfromtheblock 02/18/2013  8:33pm

    Great, thank you so much!

    ICantIHaveAnAudition 02/18/2013  10:56pm

    Chris Scheer is great!


    tinydancer1234 02/19/2013  12:51am