• Bumpin on callback news

    DorothyZbornak 04/03/2018  8:22pm

    Bumping this up

    LaVidaLoca 04/04/2018  7:46am

    bump for CBs via email or ITR

    carrieunderwire 04/04/2018  10:29am

    Not a peep as yet. Bumping optimistically because who wouldn't want to be on the Vineyard for a while?

    LaVidaLoca 04/04/2018  10:56am

    Good to know, thanks.

    LaVidaLoca 04/04/2018  12:39pm

    Renaissancewoman, you're a gem.

    carrieunderwire 04/04/2018  1:46pm

    they are also having a call on the 11th in MA, so also optimistically sharing that info as well!

    birdie 04/04/2018  1:52pm

    Thanks for the update.

    LaVidaLoca 04/05/2018  8:02am

    Anyone here anything?

    insomniac 04/09/2018  2:51am

    Nothing yet, but they have auditions in Boston and on the Vineyard this week, so I'm assuming , if there's anything to be heard it'll be next week.

    LaVidaLoca 04/09/2018  8:02am

    Thank you:)!

    insomniac 04/12/2018  12:36am

    bump on callbacks?

    hbax9 04/12/2018  10:11am


    insomniac 04/12/2018  5:10pm

    Still optimistically bumping this up. Sigh.

    LaVidaLoca 04/13/2018  9:20am

    Bump on callbacks or offers?

    hbax9 04/16/2018  9:26am

    Bump on cb

    insomniac 04/16/2018  2:24pm

    Bump on callbacks for this

    catsrevival 04/16/2018  7:10pm

    Still nothing on this? Anyone who was at the Boston auditions?

    LaVidaLoca 04/16/2018  9:42pm

    They just posted today breakdowns of the characters this season on Actors Access asking for submissions. I don't know if this helps.

    Fenty 04/17/2018  5:29pm

    Yes, that does help, they do, indeed , have a posting for submissions for the season and then state that they held open calls, so I suspect if we went to the open call it's probably OK to assume they'll contact us if they want to see us again. Or not...

    LaVidaLoca 04/18/2018  4:40pm

    Callback out for “Passionata”.

    VorpalDormouse 04/21/2018  6:32pm

    Any CBs after Tuesday’s appts?

    bwaybangs2 04/26/2018  11:12am

    This company is Slated to attend Boston's Stage Source auditions on Monday so might not hear till after those.

    04/04/2018  11:01am