• newyorkchic

    So no one?? Haha

    newyorkchic 04/10/2018  12:25am


    eatsallthechocolate 04/10/2018  10:45am


    Hersheys12 04/10/2018  1:00pm

    Guys, it’s gonna take some time. As it’s been stated in the other SOM threads. They explicitly state this is going to be auditioned for all April and May. A friend currently on the tour said it took time last year, too and was a process. They’re also casting for a couple other tours at this time. Be patient :)

    LittlebigCharacter 04/10/2018  1:10pm

    That’s all fair. Just afraid that those of us that auditioned the last week of March might get forgotten, if we weren’t immediately crossed off the list to begin with. I know it’s irrational fear, CDs are mostly more organized than that. Just one of those fears you can’t help but getting in your brain haha

    TroxyNoxy 04/10/2018  2:00pm

    People on the current tour literally JUST got their offers and are in the negotiating phase for next year so one could perhaps assume they won't know who they're calling back until they know who they need to replace.

    --- 04/11/2018  8:18am

    the bumps are alive.

    Marcy18 04/11/2018  8:02pm

    This is useful info. Thanks yall. Happy waiting!

    newyorkchic 04/12/2018  1:44am


    Marcy18 04/15/2018  7:37pm

    Rolf callback out

    Marcy18 04/16/2018  9:46pm

    received female ens/featured role cb
    today for next week

    openspace14 04/16/2018  10:05pm

    Liesl/female ensemble callback out!

    Batcha24601 04/16/2018  10:19pm

    Bump (:

    LittlebigCharacter 04/17/2018  8:33am

    Bump for Elsa callbacks

    bluehair88 04/17/2018  12:57pm

    Ensemble/ Elsa cover callback for Friday!

    Hersheys12 04/18/2018  12:08pm

    Mother Abbess cover / Berthe callback for Friday. Can also confirm through my manager, someone on his roster is going in for Franz / Max Cover. Break legs all!!

    LittlebigCharacter 04/18/2018  1:55pm

    Any Maria CBs?

    teadoroanton 04/18/2018  2:45pm

    Just got another Von Trapp appt. this afternoon for Friday morning

    Some Memelord 04/18/2018  4:12pm

    bump for Maria cb's

    [insert name here] 04/18/2018  9:15pm