• Pioneer Theater Season EPA @ Actor's Equity Center 04/10/2018  11:29am

    Anyone with experience working with them know when appointments/callbacks for the season might happen?


    like all LORT theatres, show by show throughout the year

    dopplegang 04/10/2018  11:35am

    anyone receive an appointment?

    somethingblue 04/11/2018  9:04pm

    Any appointments yet?

    oneforall 04/16/2018  7:37pm

    Bob has said he is never really casting from the season EPA as it’s way too early and it’s only done because it’s requored. Appts will go out closer to the show and it’s done show by show

    Whatarewedoing 04/16/2018  9:56pm


    somethingblue 04/19/2018  12:28pm