• NAB - The Actors Studio 04/12/2018  6:02pm

    Are there any members of The Actors Studio here? Has anyone auditioned? Know anyone else that has? I'd love to hear what the process is actually like. Any insight would be appreciated!

    I’ve participated in and attended readings through friends. Never auditioned though. I’m not sold on the work that they do there or the level of talent in the room. I think it falls somewhere between being masturbatory and clinically insane.

    To be fair, I had a really terrible experience with a psychotic acting guru who is (in some way) affiliated with them, so that might’ve colored my experience.

    itsalmostseven 04/12/2018  7:49pm

    I think if you start slumping in a chair and screaming during your audition, they’ll probably love you.

    itsalmostseven 04/12/2018  7:51pm

    Bump! and 👍

    Actr17 04/16/2018  4:50pm

    I go to the Actors Studio Drama School and go to Actors Studio sessions a lot. It really depends on who you’re working with, what scene you work on, who your moderator/auditioner is...many great artists in the studio but there are maaaany members. You pick a scene that’s no longer than 5 minutes. One scene per auditionee— If your scene partner wants to audition they need to find their own scene to audition with. The scene they do with you counts only as your audition. There are two rounds of auditions. I think the first round passed, and the second round of auditions is in June. (Don’t quote me on that). But seriously, Alec Baldwin moderates at the Actors Studio a lot, Ellen Burstyn too. Mark Rylance was just there...it’s a good but not tight knit community like other smaller studios

    jezebear1 04/16/2018  7:05pm