• Mamma Mia- Joy Dewing Casting Question @ 02/20/2013  11:35am

    For the call coming up this week- would you rather not see people who have sung/danced at previous calls, or is it okay to give it another go/try something different in the audition room? I know a few people who are considering going in for a second time, however we do not want to overstep boundaries! Thanks!


    You have to say her name three times to invoke her resplendent spirit. That is how it works.

    AuditionUpdate 02/20/2013  11:43am

    Dear I'm.Too.theatreliciousforyababe. (Did your cat jump on your keyboard while you were typing your username?),

    Thanks for your question!

    I'd be happy to see repeat customers as long as they have NOT been to callbacks AND as long as they follow the instructions in the casting notice, i.e. "Please prepare 16 bars of a pop song not written for a show. Please keep vibrato and riffing to a minimum."

    A few people have asked me what songs we heard a lot at the previous call. The most popular songs for women were Walking on Sunshine, River Deep, and Let's Hear it For the Boy. The men didn't really have a lot of repeats.

    Also, here are my instructions from the last open call. I hope this is helpful!

    "For purposes of an open call, we don't need to see the entire spectrum if what you do. Save some for callbacks.
    Sing a pop/rock song not written for a musical and do not SCRELT.
    I need to know if your voice is stylistically appropriate for the show. The rest is out of your control.
    Just enjoy yourself, and remember you live on a beautiful sunny warm Greek island surrounded by the bluest water you've ever seen. Have fun!"

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!


    JDC 02/20/2013  12:07pm

    Tom: You forgot spinning around three times and spitting over your left shoulder. ;)

    JDC 02/20/2013  12:08pm

    Screlt....hahahaha, I love that!

    JoyfulGirl 02/20/2013  12:47pm

    Hooray for helpful CD's who use auditionupdate to make our lives better--- gracias

    eheitz 02/20/2013  12:55pm

    Thanks so very much!

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