• Headshot printing 04/16/2018  12:56pm

    Anyone use headshot printing services other than Reproductions? Or is that the way to go?



    so fast! great quality. only complaint is that headshots are a little more flimsy that reproductions. but i just print my resume on a sturdier paper now .

    hope that helps!

    fml 04/16/2018  1:32pm

    Quick color lab is the best I've worked with..

    WhereTheDreamTakesYou 04/16/2018  5:45pm

    Definitely Quick Color Lab!

    actorsmom 04/16/2018  6:50pm

    Pixel Pusher is the BEST. Love them and will always use them! thepixelpusher.biz

    serenitymoon123 04/17/2018  10:11pm