• Fiddler tour @ 04/16/2018  10:30pm

    Did anyone hear about fiddler tour callbacks? Specifically for The youngest daughters (bielke and sphrinze)?


    Hi girl I’m wondering this too? When did you in for sprinzte/ belike??? I went on Tuesday and haven’t heard back? Assuming not so good news?

    Jennasan 04/16/2018  10:39pm

    They are holding a separate children's call for Bielke over the summer

    MilkyWhite 04/16/2018  11:12pm

    Do you know about the other daughter?? Or no

    Jennasan 04/16/2018  11:17pm

    They've been holding callbacks for Shprintze for the past week or so

    MilkyWhite 04/16/2018  11:32pm

    No I know I went in on Tuesday I was just wondering if anyone have had a second callback?

    Jennasan 04/16/2018  11:39pm

    Yes I know some people have. Hope this helps!

    MilkyWhite 04/16/2018  11:49pm