• Well to answer my own question there's 4 people here.

    Whovians 02/21/2013  7:29am


    vaboy27 02/21/2013  9:03am

    What's it look like?

    TyJ 02/21/2013  9:51am

    11 on EMC list. Equity appointments open all day.

    Whovians 02/21/2013  9:56am

    Apparently they sent their B team from the casting department. In the am its Lindsay Levine and the pm it's gonna be Kaitlin Shaw. Rick Hip-Flores is playing. The day is open for appointments. EMC at 11: non union at 10. Come practice your stuff with an accompanist and a small audience. LOL

    orfeo27 02/21/2013  10:07am

    how is it over there?

    meas16 02/21/2013  1:32pm

    general question: if I cant make the ECC audition next week since I will be out of town, what is the correct protocol to submit to casting agency? Is it appropriate to email them or send hardcopy? Or is it not even worth the time? Thanks for any advice!

    rainey 02/22/2013  5:01pm