• Stilletto entertainment @ Pearl Studios 02/21/2013  11:18am

    Has anyone attended a singer call for this cruise line? It says that you learn a song at the audition/bring a portable CD player for callbacks/be prepared to sing acapella.

    Just seems super weird....


    theyll have a boom box playing in the holding room for people to sing along with. its annoying cause the whole room is just riffing out loud but its helpful!

    BFAinServing 02/21/2013  3:02pm

    Yes, they have run auditions this way for years. I agree it is a strange way of running the call but they are extremely specific in what they are looking for. I have done many contracts with them as a singer and believe me, you'll be happy they did it that way when you are on the contract with the right people. They are a fantastic company to work for!!!

    gypsygal 02/21/2013  3:13pm

    I agree with gypsygal. The audition process is a little out of whack compared to what we're used to, but they're a really great company to work for!

    LaughItOff 02/22/2013  12:03am

    I've auditioned for them and aside from what people have already said (the audition songs playing on loop in the holding room) I have also been asked to sing a second song (my choice) a cappella in the room.. with no starting pitch or anything. That threw me a bit. Sometimes they will also give you a second song (sheet music) with a cd and tell you to look at it and come back in a little later to sing it.

    maokfl 02/22/2013  12:14am

    Has anyone done the mover call after singing? Just wondering what to expect.

    ALSO. What songs did they have you sing when learning off of the cd player?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/22/2013  11:37pm


    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/23/2013  10:43am

    At their last call the girls' song was "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson and the boys' song was "Solitaire" by The Carpenters. Can't speak to the movement call.

    sks347 02/23/2013  11:40am

    the last call I went to of theirs the women were given "Winner Takes It All"

    rockyraccoon 02/23/2013  6:12pm

    ya still think its weird

    consignhc 02/23/2013  10:09pm

    on a similar note- does anyone know how the lining up process works for these? (i.e. does Pearl 500 have us line up outside until the bldg opens or are we allowed to start the line in the lobby?)

    rockyraccoon 02/24/2013  2:33pm

    anyone ever auditioned or worked for them in the Specialty Show vein? I have an agent appt with them and have chatted with James- have specific are they on size? Their posting wants girls who are a bit larger build dress wise than I am...but they still called me in...

    singforyoursupper 02/25/2013  4:21pm