• Mamma Mia Non-Eq Tour @ Pearl Studios 02/21/2013  11:28am

    What are we expecting as far as turnout tomorrow? I went to the last open call and did not get seen. Wondering if there will be fewer people since there was already a singer call and a dancer call. I'd love to hear from anyone who's going or not!


    I am gonna almost guarantee that it is going to be just as crazy as last time. There are a whole bunch of people who didn't go last time...and even people who went last time and got seen, will undoubtedly be going back to give it another go.

    iPoop 02/21/2013  11:34am

    good point - thanks!

    ravenclaw 02/21/2013  11:56am

    Anybody want to guess what time the line is going to start?

    rcn0819 02/21/2013  12:36pm

    there will probably be people waiting outside at 5AM - though you have to be there at 9 to sign up.

    Elphie318 02/21/2013  1:32pm

    Its going to be a long day

    shootforthemoon 02/21/2013  1:56pm

    What time does the building open? I don't want to wait outside in the cold for hours at 5 am, get sick and then lose my voice.

    shootforthemoon 02/21/2013  1:59pm

    Unless you're perfect: stay home

    Smactor 02/21/2013  2:34pm

    Does anyone know what time the building will open? I'm guessing none of us really want to wait out in the cold for hours on end :(

    Leslie Knope 02/21/2013  6:10pm

    Pearl opens at 8, I believe.

    I don't think it'll be too bad, and I love how specific Joy was in a previous post about what they're asking for. Fingers crossed that it won't be a madhouse!

    J1 02/21/2013  6:26pm

    I was told today that an unofficial list will absolutely NOT be accepted. So the line has to be formed and people will sign in from that order.

    workplayeat 02/21/2013  7:09pm


    Thanks for the update!!

    J1 02/21/2013  7:24pm

    Yeah, the breakdown said absolutely no unofficial lists ... that's unfortunately not exactly an update in information.

    Maybe everyone will be sane and stay inside until, say, 7? :)

    zeemra 02/21/2013  8:35pm

    Hopefully they say they aren't going to take the unofficial list and the take it anyway like last time.

    Smactor 02/21/2013  8:54pm

    I can't remember. Does JDC take unofficial lists?

    HolidaeIn 02/21/2013  9:39pm

    Crap guys so sorry this hadn't refreshed! Ignore me.

    HolidaeIn 02/21/2013  9:40pm

    So embarrassed

    HolidaeIn 02/21/2013  9:54pm

    I'm heading out now! My roommate just got there and said there were 5 people ahead of him! EEKKK :/

    ActorSwag 02/22/2013  12:49am

    Wait...right now? It's 1am.

    Guys, this is getting outrageous.

    pennyforyourthoughts 02/22/2013  1:06am

    ...you're kidding, right?

    1 AM?!

    J1 02/22/2013  1:11am

    Could someone please post when people actually start lining up. Thanks. And clarifying the 1am thing was not real

    Elphie318 02/22/2013  4:57am