• Updates please!

    LadyLuck 02/22/2013  6:38am

    Unofficial list up to around 12. They let us upstairs and we are keeping the line order.

    stq4l 02/22/2013  6:44am

    25 on the unofficial and were making a line :)

    LizBiz 02/22/2013  7:09am

    around what number is the list up to?

    rockit! 02/22/2013  8:03am

    Any updates?

    Little lady 02/22/2013  8:08am

    list is past 80

    reginabowe 02/22/2013  8:12am

    Can someone please tell me when the monitor arrives/if the unofficial list is being honored

    Elphie318 02/22/2013  8:16am

    List up near 120... No monitor yet!

    deareoh 02/22/2013  9:02am

    Anyone know what group they're on?

    bearany 02/22/2013  10:40am

    They called up through #70

    littleone 02/22/2013  10:45am

    They've called up to like 138 or something.

    LadyLuck 02/22/2013  11:25am