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  • fashionisto27

    Got an email around 1pm this afternoon to come back in on Thursday for Don & George

    Resneps 05/01/2018  8:11pm

    BUMP - Please post callback offers from today’s female singers call!

    stumblingalong17 05/02/2018  12:42pm

    ^ I got the same email. And they said callbacks will be anytime from May 7th-11th, so to be available during that time.

    Bklynnative 05/02/2018  12:45pm

    Are these callback Emails from the men's call or from today's ladies?
    Bump for CB's from today.

    The Only Anastasia Beaverhausen 05/02/2018  1:38pm

    Received email with appointment for tomorrow from today’s ladies call, break legs and woo!

    forthememoir32 05/02/2018  2:24pm

    Bump for callbacks

    Lalalalala 05/02/2018  3:00pm

    What role did you receive a cb for?

    ebm2014 05/02/2018  3:25pm

    arent most of the ladies on the tour now resigning? that is what i heard

    openspace14 05/02/2018  3:27pm

    Female swing!

    forthememoir32 05/02/2018  3:42pm

    Received a Lauren/ Nicola callback email around 2pm today for Friday afternoon

    Lbbbby 05/02/2018  3:46pm

    Callback for Pat for tomorrow from today’s audition!

    singinggirl101 05/02/2018  4:14pm

    Received CB via agent for Nicola Friday

    Badandboujee 05/02/2018  5:20pm

    Do we think all CB emails have gone out??

    thankssomuchnext 05/02/2018  5:46pm

    Anymore CB?

    Quirkyingenue#12673638 05/02/2018  10:42pm

    Anyone from the last round of auditions in the winter hear anything?

    mss4254 05/03/2018  12:20am

    Yes a couple of us got emails from casting asking us to be available again for this new round of finals

    Break legs all #raiseyouup

    BananaCan'tDoTheSplits 05/03/2018  12:53am

    Wondering how much/what from the packet those who are having 1st appointments off of AA submission are being asked for ITR today, thanks! (Prepared the packet, would just love a lil heads up.)

    Leading Lady 05/03/2018  9:45am

    Bump on what they were asking for ITR

    Badandboujee 05/03/2018  12:35pm

    On the websites it specifies what to prepare like “Prepare this cut, this side.”

    Smactor 05/03/2018  1:11pm

    bump after appointments today (early I know) just hoping to know when next steps are :)

    forthememoir32 05/03/2018  1:27pm

    BUMP. Post with callbacks after appointments today

    wannabeMeryl 05/03/2018  4:32pm

    Bump after today’s appointments

    Tacosalad 05/03/2018  6:30pm

    Bump for callback emails

    Bklynnative 05/03/2018  9:05pm

    The sex is in the Bump for CBS after appointments this week!

    Please include role/when and how cb received. Thank you!

    OverTheMoon 05/04/2018  6:23am

    I know there are more appointments today so maybe there won't be CBs till after today? Idk! Fingers crossed for all!

    panforever 05/04/2018  9:06am

    for those of you who had your CB appts yesterday, did they generally end up having y'all perform everything mentioned in the packet?

    janisjoplinmanuel 05/04/2018  9:15am

    janisjoplinmanuel I sang one of the songs and did both of the requested sides for the team.

    panforever 05/04/2018  9:24am

    Bump for callbacks after today’s appointments!

    Up every morning at six 05/04/2018  11:50am

    Kinky bump for news after today’s appointments.

    singinginthecorner 05/04/2018  2:03pm

    Who from production was ITR today??

    Fizzy14 05/04/2018  4:35pm

    Anything after today’s appointments?

    augustmonth 05/04/2018  5:58pm

    Today was just casting ITR!

    Thatblondebitch 05/04/2018  6:46pm


    forthememoir32 05/04/2018  7:47pm

    Bump on anyone receiving callbacks after today (May 4) callbacks. Just so I can stop thinking about it. Haha.

    snow day 05/04/2018  7:51pm

    BUMP on callbacks after appointments this week.

    wannabeMeryl 05/05/2018  12:43am

    Bump for call backs

    Brokeoperaguy 05/05/2018  7:43am


    Lbbbby 05/05/2018  11:21am

    Kinky bump

    Bklynnative 05/05/2018  11:37am

    Callback for Female Swing just received! Good vibes to all!

    forthememoir32 05/05/2018  1:10pm

    CB out for Nicola and Lauren/Nicola US track

    UptownSquirrel 05/05/2018  1:32pm

    Callback out for Female Swing for Tuesday!

    singinggirl101 05/05/2018  2:06pm

    Contacted though agent or personally?

    Fizzy14 05/05/2018  3:12pm

    no agent, just email!

    forthememoir32 05/05/2018  3:50pm

    Has anyone received a callback via agent??

    Badandboujee 05/05/2018  8:22pm


    panforever 05/05/2018  8:51pm

    Agent Email with Callback just received

    LITTLESINGERGIRL 05/05/2018  9:15pm

    Anyone else get agent callbacks? Wondering how much longer I have to keep checking my email so obsessively...

    panforever 05/06/2018  11:03am

    Agent email just received with callback for Wednesday

    Actor55 05/06/2018  12:02pm

    Since it’s the weekend, should hope not be lost...? Lolol

    Fizzy14 05/06/2018  6:10pm


    Yasqueen 05/06/2018  9:53pm

    Any CBs out for Lauren?

    janisjoplinmanuel 05/06/2018  11:03pm

    Bump on Lauren CBs

    panforever 05/07/2018  7:48am

    does anyone know what roles they are REALLY looking to replace? so many of the cast members are posting about going back in 10 weeks for the next leg that it is hard to figure out what these callbacks really mean...

    openspace14 05/07/2018  9:49am


    KnightErrant 05/07/2018  10:06am

    Received a callback for Lauren over the weekend

    Thatblondebitch 05/07/2018  10:48am

    From my understanding this call isn’t for the Asia leg, it’s for the next US leg that rehearses in November

    CheeseSandwich 05/07/2018  11:04am

    Lauren callback just received

    Fizzy14 05/07/2018  11:59am

    Are Angels getting callbacks?

    GeneKelly101 05/07/2018  9:33pm

    Bump after today

    forthememoir32 05/08/2018  11:30am

    Bump after today!

    singinggirl101 05/08/2018  12:50pm


    forthememoir32 05/08/2018  2:38pm


    forthememoir32 05/08/2018  4:58pm

    Just received a callback via email.

    Texas_Gal2011 05/08/2018  5:21pm

    Just received an email for a final callback this Thursday AND Friday for u/s Don, George and Mr. Price

    Resneps 05/08/2018  6:08pm

    Bump on anymore emails...

    singinggirl101 05/08/2018  7:54pm

    Bumping again lol

    forthememoir32 05/08/2018  9:04pm


    singinggirl101 05/09/2018  8:15am

    We’re theyre any additional Angel Callbacks?

    GeneKelly101 05/09/2018  11:23am

    Bump on female swing?

    forthememoir32 05/09/2018  11:43am

    Anything after today’s callbacks?

    Fizzy14 05/09/2018  4:21pm callback was given after my appointment on Monday. I did more material with the associates yesterday than at my initial appointment.

    CompletelyForgettable21 05/09/2018  4:32pm

    Bump on final callbacks after this round of CB

    singinggirl101 05/09/2018  4:43pm

    Just received a call from my agent with a final callback.

    Thatblondebitch 05/09/2018  6:09pm

    Bump for pat, female swing etc final callbacks ?

    singinggirl101 05/09/2018  7:08pm

    Final CB for Pat/Marge (didn't know Marge was in the tour- please let me know if anyone has info there). Does anyone know what song the movement call is to by chance? Studying the music to get it in my body helps in my movement. ;)

    Leading Lady 05/09/2018  7:25pm

    @leadinglady when did you hear about your CB??

    singinggirl101 05/09/2018  7:25pm

    Any final CBs out for Lauren?

    panforever 05/09/2018  7:54pm

    Bump. Anything heard this morning?

    Fizzy14 05/10/2018  11:01am

    Bump? News? Updates?

    panforever 05/10/2018  2:50pm

    I don’t think we’re going to be hearing anything after tonight, unless you don’t already have an appointment for tomorrow! Today’s movement call was just to get an idea of our personality and such that they said they weren’t making cuts. I’d assume that we’ll just see them tomorrow!

    singinginthecorner 05/10/2018  3:22pm

    @singinginthecorner do you know what roles were in the room today?

    panforever 05/10/2018  4:22pm

    @singinginthecorner more specifically as in do you know if it was just ensemble? Principals? Everyone?

    panforever 05/10/2018  4:25pm

    From what I gathered it was a bit of everyone :) leads, supporting, and ensemble.

    singinginthecorner 05/10/2018  7:34pm

    @singinginthecorner Thanks so much for the info! Break legs tomorrow!

    panforever 05/10/2018  7:39pm

    Anyone from todays Angel callbacks get an email for CB's tomorrow (Friday) or is it just Principals?

    LeggyLad 05/10/2018  8:02pm

    Okay y’all, the sex is in the bump after the weekend. Post with any info on offers being sent out!

    singinginthecorner 05/14/2018  12:44pm


    Texas_Gal2011 05/15/2018  9:07am

    Give it time, y’all - the cast hasn’t even been to Asia yet. Who knows when they’ll get the offers for next leg. I think it could be a couple months, honestly.

    CheeseSandwich 05/15/2018  10:32am

    I received an email stating I am in High consideration for the Tour(November-June) awaiting final approval from Creative team.

    WIsleeper 05/15/2018  7:05pm

    Congrats! Mind if I ask which track? I wonder if that means the current cast got their American leg renewals then..

    CheeseSandwich 05/15/2018  10:53pm


    WIsleeper 05/16/2018  2:37pm

    Did anyone else receive an email like this? Angels?

    dontbethatgirl 05/16/2018  9:53pm


    Texas_Gal2011 05/17/2018  11:21am


    KnightErrant 05/18/2018  12:17pm

    Just received an email that stated I'm still in consideration and that they are still finalizing the current cast.

    Texas_Gal2011 05/18/2018  12:40pm

    Same! Break legs all!

    CheeseSandwich 05/18/2018  2:06pm

    Bump for offers!

    KnightErrant 05/29/2018  11:22am


    KnightErrant 05/29/2018  1:14pm

    Last email I got like two weeks ago said end of June/beginning of July we'd hear, if anything!

    BananaCan'tDoTheSplits 05/29/2018  9:10pm

    Did you get this info. From agent or Casting?

    KnightErrant 05/30/2018  4:35pm


    CheeseSandwich 06/01/2018  1:19am