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    LinkLarkin1 05/09/2018  3:49pm

    BUMP.....also were there appointments today for Karla?

    frodoh18 05/09/2018  6:26pm

    I believe so, but not 100% sure. I was in for a dance callback from an appointment last week. Some people were in for the first time, I think, for several different roles. Can’t confirm how many and for which roles, but I believe there were ladies in for Karla for the first time.

    loverlee 05/09/2018  6:52pm

    I was in for Karla for the first time today. Danced, sang, read sides.

    JessicaJones 05/09/2018  9:33pm


    loverlee 05/10/2018  5:34pm


    LinkLarkin1 05/11/2018  8:55am


    thisismyusername 05/12/2018  12:15pm

    Maybe today?

    loverlee 05/14/2018  7:33am


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    loverlee 05/15/2018  9:45am


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    thisismyusername 05/16/2018  12:15am


    loverlee 05/17/2018  12:04pm

    A new breakdown went out for a bunch of the roles on Monday. Don’t remember exactly which, but probably like 8-10 roles.

    Mrmistoff 05/17/2018  2:45pm

    ^Thanks for the info! Please post if anyone gets an offer or knows specifics after the callbacks that were held last week.

    loverlee 05/17/2018  4:08pm

    @mrmistoff On AA? The only new breakdowns I've seen are for Oklahoma! and American in Paris

    thisismyusername 05/17/2018  4:27pm

    I saw it on the breakdowns I get illegally, not on AA.

    Mrmistoff 05/17/2018  7:15pm

    Has anyone who was in on 5/9 heard literally anything? ...further callbacks, etc?

    thisismyusername 05/18/2018  3:09pm

    The breakdown wasn't posted on AA, it was a re-release for roles. I would say it was about 75% of the roles. Karla was on the re-release (I can see some people went in for that role and may be inquiring.) For the record, this is the THIRD release of this breakdown for this show.

    andmine'scosette 05/18/2018  3:13pm


    bradyd62 05/21/2018  8:49am