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    Dynamite 05/09/2018  6:11pm

    Post for offers! Was today last day of final callbacks?

    JP123 05/09/2018  7:08pm

    Yes, last day for callbacks.

    broadwaybaby94 05/09/2018  11:41pm

    Bump for offers

    FrederickDouglas 05/10/2018  12:10pm


    itbeme 05/10/2018  2:52pm

    bump for offers!

    :) 05/10/2018  4:00pm


    JP123 05/10/2018  4:25pm

    Word from Agent, hopefully offers will be out by end of next week.

    Dynamite 05/10/2018  4:51pm

    Next week? That gives me seven days to be nervous (thanks, Franz).

    Some Memelord 05/10/2018  6:29pm

    @some memelord just think of a few of your favorite things.

    Dynamite 05/10/2018  9:06pm

    anyone know what roles were in this last week for callbacks?

    galliegirl 05/10/2018  11:34pm

    Liesl, Rolf, Max, and Elsa were the ones I saw/heard.

    Dynamite 05/11/2018  7:05am

    Women’s ensemble was also in as well!

    castmedaddy69 05/11/2018  12:07pm

    Women’s ensemble was also in as well!

    castmedaddy69 05/11/2018  12:09pm

    Bump every mountain

    ijl96 05/11/2018  2:36pm

    Bump for offers!

    :) 05/13/2018  3:06pm


    broadwaybaby94 05/14/2018  8:32am


    JP123 05/14/2018  1:16pm

    Got a call from Stewart/Whitley saying I’d be getting an offer this week

    dadadadadum 05/14/2018  7:22pm

    @dada what roles were you in for?

    Some Memelord 05/14/2018  7:25pm

    Bump for love and positivity for this thread!!! And congrats on that call!!

    LittlebigCharacter 05/14/2018  7:55pm


    :) 05/15/2018  11:28am

    Merrily we bump along...

    broadwaybaby94 05/15/2018  2:20pm

    Bump for offers!

    JP123 05/15/2018  4:50pm

    Bump for offers

    Dynamite 05/15/2018  6:09pm


    JP123 05/16/2018  1:54pm

    Any offers??

    honestlyhowsilly 05/16/2018  8:46pm

    Offers are trickling out.

    05/17/2018  1:20am

    anxious bump — please post for offers!

    @- - - were you offered something? Congrats if so!

    LittlebigCharacter 05/17/2018  2:21am

    Does anyone know what offers specifically have gone out? Thanks!

    JP123 05/17/2018  12:26pm


    itbeme 05/17/2018  1:25pm


    :) 05/17/2018  4:12pm

    Bump every stream

    ijl96 05/17/2018  6:21pm

    Bump every stream

    ijl96 05/17/2018  6:21pm

    Just found out thru agent that offers are coming out soon. I guess s/w just has to wait maybe for someone to sign off on them. Rolf u/s here

    honestlyhowsilly 05/17/2018  7:01pm


    :) 05/17/2018  8:26pm

    Bump every mountain.

    05/20/2018  12:37am

    Monday bump!

    itbeme 05/21/2018  9:12am

    Tuesday bump...

    LittlebigCharacter 05/22/2018  9:10am


    broadwaybaby94 05/23/2018  10:30am

    Offer received

    iammoana 05/23/2018  1:22pm

    @iammoana congrats, can you please say what role?


    LittlebigCharacter 05/23/2018  2:19pm

    Bump on offers!

    itbeme 05/23/2018  5:32pm


    :) 05/25/2018  2:40am

    Bump for updates!

    broadwaybaby94 05/26/2018  11:32am


    LittlebigCharacter 05/27/2018  3:16pm

    Any offers go out after the holiday weekend?

    itbeme 05/29/2018  3:30pm

    Any updates? Wanna know if I should give up waiting to hear or not..

    itbeme 05/31/2018  10:54am