• Folger Theatre EPA (Appts?) @ 02/24/2013  10:37am


    I was looking at playbill and broadwayworld and noticed on both sites that there is an EPA for Folger. It says you need an appointment and for those who do not have an appointment they will see them time permitting. Do you think they will accept non-eq or EMC time permitting?

    Also it says on BWW that the audition is in DC, but on playbill it says NYC. Maybe I'm reading something wrong but if you have any info could someone please clarify?

    Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


    the NYC auditions were on Friday the 22nd and were not by appointment...the DC EPA is by appointment on Monday the 25th...when in doubt go to actorsequity.org

    And1 02/24/2013  11:09am