• Disney Cruise Lines @ Pearl Studios 05/11/2018  3:54pm

    Anyone know when we should start hearing about offers? I know today was final day of callbacks so post as you hear! Specifically interested in Anne Marie track. Thanks!


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    sassyandclassy 05/11/2018  3:56pm

    bump for Anna

    [insert name here] 05/11/2018  4:12pm

    I’m also interested if anyone knows when we might hear? I forgot to ask the monitor but I believe the boats start rehearsal August/September time?

    Joaniebaby22 05/11/2018  5:49pm

    Not sure if it will be the same, but when I worked for DCL I got my offer one week after auditioning. I auditioned in April and went on the ship in September. So I would think if it's for the ships starting around that time, you guys would hear soon. Hope that helps at least a little!

    thisismyusername 05/11/2018  5:55pm

    Monitor said calls earliest will start next week, and will continue about 2-3 weeks following

    Tompc011 05/11/2018  6:11pm

    For my last DCL contract I got my mainstage singer offer 1 week after my final callback

    [insert name here] 05/11/2018  6:55pm


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    Up every morning at six 05/13/2018  1:38pm

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    [insert name here] 05/13/2018  9:56pm

    Monday bump!

    Joaniebaby22 05/14/2018  10:14am

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    waitingforcallbacks 05/14/2018  2:49pm

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    Okayokay 05/15/2018  12:05pm

    I'm aware most people who have worked with DCL said they heard no sooner than a full week after their callback, but BUMP to keep the thread alive for any news.

    UncleMame 05/15/2018  7:28pm

    My agent sent over an email from casting saying they are finalizing casting and asked if I was interested in a certain track. I have worked for DCL before, so I'm sure this is why they sent this email but it seems like they are getting close to sending out offers.

    [insert name here] 05/15/2018  7:48pm

    Got a call from my agent today saying casting said I’d be getting an offer, not sure what tracks for though

    Okayokay 05/15/2018  7:55pm

    Bump for any information on the Anne Marie track!

    MichaelScott 05/15/2018  8:11pm

    Congrats insert name here! May I ask you what track?

    Joaniebaby22 05/15/2018  9:36pm

    News for Franco track?

    UncleMame 05/15/2018  10:33pm


    Up every morning at six 05/16/2018  9:05am

    Got a call from my agent today saying casting said I’d be getting an offer, not sure what tracks for though

    Okayokay 05/16/2018  9:52am

    Sorry I don’t know why that posted twice 🙄

    Okayokay 05/16/2018  9:53am


    MichaelScott 05/16/2018  12:16pm


    Up every morning at six 05/16/2018  2:55pm

    Hey @Joaniebaby22 I would rather not say until an official offer is out and accepted. Sorry!!

    [insert name here] 05/16/2018  3:34pm

    Bump. Anyone without an agent hear anything yet?

    BrooklynB 05/16/2018  3:49pm

    No worries insert name here! I totally understand! Are most offers or questions people who have already worked fo Disney?

    Joaniebaby22 05/16/2018  4:55pm

    Bump on offers for Anna and Annemarie

    GalindaWithAGah 05/16/2018  5:21pm

    Bump on offers for Anna and Annemarie

    GalindaWithAGah 05/16/2018  5:21pm

    BUMP on offers for Anne Marie

    waitingforcallbacks 05/16/2018  11:49pm

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    Up every morning at six 05/23/2018  1:57pm

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    waitingforcallbacks 05/23/2018  2:08pm

    Has anyone who received an unofficial gotten their official offer yet? I had expected it to come by now since it’s been over a week since the unofficial

    Okayokay 05/23/2018  2:12pm

    any Female offers out???

    sassyandclassy 05/23/2018  4:18pm

    Judging from previous posts during different casting times. It seems to take 10-14 days for offers to even start coming out. So it should be soonish. Hopefully.

    BrooklynB 05/23/2018  4:26pm

    Thursday bump!

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    Up every morning at six 05/26/2018  12:48pm

    Seems unlikely they’d message us over the long weekend, right? Did anyone who received an unofficial offer/word from their agent get the official call/email this week?

    UncleMame 05/26/2018  12:57pm