• West Side @ 02/24/2013  3:55pm

    My first post is random and not on a call back. I saw that there is another International West Side going out and I don't get back stage. Any one know when the dance call is? Also, anyone heard if this tour is going to be any good or is it pretty lame tour at this point?


    lol. you can find backstage at so many places for free in the city I really don't get why people still ask on this site for other people to do their homework for them.

    I haven't seen either the international or the current Troika tour, but I know people on both of them, and they are AMAZEBALLS and I mean AMAZEBALLS dancers...both females and males. Can't speak to the singers but having been called back for the AEA tour, I can say that at least the audition process is not "lame".

    BerniePeters 02/24/2013  4:27pm

    Wait, Where can u get backstage for free? Ive been avoiding asking that because I didn't want someone to be like "you should know"..but I'll never know if I don't ask, right?..

    divasings 02/24/2013  6:46pm

    They have them every week for free at Steps on Broadway. I've also seen copies floating around at places like Chelsea and Pearl. But absolutely positive you can get them at Steps.

    BerniePeters 02/24/2013  7:03pm

    its on playbill too, just search "west side story" on the jobs page

    And1 02/24/2013  7:44pm

    The tour that is going out is the second leg of the tour that just ended in January. Some of the cast members are returning as per their original contract, but some are not; hence the audition. I have a friend who was on it and there were lots of injuries. I think the pay was decent, and they got to go to some awesome places, but they had very little time to do much because they were in rehearsals a lot. Hope this helps

    alwaysabridesmaid 02/24/2013  10:16pm

    Thanks @WWFD

    divasings 02/25/2013  12:36am