• Random - question about postcards @ 02/24/2013  5:13pm

    Hi friends, just wondering if any of you have a recommendation for a printing company; I'm looking to have some postcards made and would love to hear if someone has a place they love with good rates. Thanks!


    I just used vistaprint for mine...I think I got like 200 for 30.00...both sides in color with pics!

    starlight 02/24/2013  9:44pm

    Wow, that is an amazing price! Thanks, I will be sure to look them up!

    blondesoprano 02/24/2013  10:49pm

    Just did some more research if anyone is looking - Willy Walt has awesome prices, 500 postcards for $67. Not bad!

    blondesoprano 02/24/2013  11:14pm

    I used VistaPrint for mine too - great quality and great price. Website can be a little wonky to use for designing, but the price is right!

    aprince4whatever 02/25/2013  9:34am