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  • Hamilton Female Singer ECC 05/14/2018  12:22pm

    Hey everybody! Does anyone know if they will be seeing EMC/non-eq at this call tomorrow? Thanks!



    lipstickqueen 05/14/2018  12:57pm

    hey, this call was cancelled and moved to be in San Fran next week!

    springandsummer 05/14/2018  1:40pm

    Oh, really? How did you find that out? It’s still up on Playbill and BroadwayWorld.

    espanyola15 05/14/2018  2:07pm

    Is this also true for the Thursday/Friday/Monday EPA?

    thatsallone 05/14/2018  2:24pm

    Ok update, looks like they've just updated the call on all the websites to reflect the cancellation

    thatsallone 05/14/2018  3:03pm

    On playbill is says the dates have changed (from 5/14 to 5/15) but the location is still pearl in NYC... is this correct?

    Foreverbroke 05/14/2018  3:58pm

    No. The audition has been cancelled altogether. The audition was always on 5/15. It was cancelled on 5/14. I can see how the update is confusing. They are just saying that they have made an update to the audition posting as of 5/14. There is NO Hamilton ECC or EPA happening in NYC.

    Tesseracts93 05/14/2018  4:03pm

    Sooo there’s no ECC or EPA this week? Correct??

    Bwaybitch 05/14/2018  10:02pm

    I had sent a headshot/resume to them a long time ago and just got an email asking where I am currently based. Don't want to make too much of it but has anyone been contacted by them like this? If so, did they contact you back after you answer them?

    coolnamepending 05/15/2018  3:27pm