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  • Hair @ other 05/14/2018  5:31pm

    Anyone live in NYC without a car and work for them? How was the experience traveling?


    To clarify this is for Hair at the Black Box Performing Arts Center in NJ

    wannabegreen 05/14/2018  5:32pm

    It was annoying. I want to say it was about a 50 minute bus ride from port authority, and it cost $4.50 one way. The director is super chill though.

    A call to Pierre 05/15/2018  1:05am

    Is this theatre considered professional?

    SPEinspiredME 05/16/2018  11:09pm

    I received offer two days ago. Heard they're still looking for male ensemble, though.

    flipsing96 05/19/2018  7:55pm

    Anyone have experience traveling? Were the busses pretty easy? I've never taken NJ transit busses before! :O

    flipsing96 05/29/2018  5:36pm