• Justflewinfromcincy


    Justflewinfromcincy 05/17/2018  12:05pm

    Did callbacks go out?

    Jaques 05/17/2018  12:19pm

    How does it usually go for them? Do they have callbacks or do they make offers from the EPA?

    Chatty_Channing 05/17/2018  1:38pm

    bumping.Anyone hear anything from them?

    Justflewinfromcincy 05/19/2018  10:13am

    bump. Any word?

    Justflewinfromcincy 05/20/2018  6:15pm

    another bump.

    Justflewinfromcincy 05/21/2018  5:04pm

    anyone know their normal cb/offer patterns...?

    bump ity

    orzosoup 05/22/2018  1:38pm


    Marcy18 05/22/2018  3:01pm

    Callback for Friday.

    Littlenesspuddinghed1 05/22/2018  7:38pm