• Offers?????

    annie 05/16/2018  6:29pm

    Friends I have worked there for a while. Am about to go back out on another contract. Friends with casting.

    If they measured you, you are on file. Could be a week, could be months. For me it wasl after telling me I'm "on file" (yeah, right?)via email right after my audition, I got a contract out of the blue 2.5 months later with no warning.

    I'm sure if someone books they will be posting about it. But also don't hold ur breath for your own sanity

    bewp 05/16/2018  7:26pm

    At least some were told they would hear this week - is it your experience that maybe that won't happen?

    annie 05/17/2018  1:16am

    I accepted an offer last night.

    BrooklynHusker 05/17/2018  12:26pm

    @Brooklynhusker what track were you offered?

    Club7 05/17/2018  2:13pm


    BrooklynHusker 05/17/2018  5:44pm

    anyone else get an offer?

    Club7 05/18/2018  3:36pm


    Nonequityiskillingmeslowly 05/20/2018  7:15pm

    @brooklynhusker - does your contract start summer or fall?

    annie 05/21/2018  1:06pm