• Tru Audition Resume 05/16/2018  8:13pm

    For the Tru combined auditions, they want people to write their song and monologue and composer/playwright, show it was from, year, etc on their RESUME. Does this make sense? Is anyone doing this? Maybe it would be easier to print it out separately and paper clip it. We are printing out 60 resumes after all. I don’t think I have enough room on mine to even write that kind of info. Thoughts? :) :)


    They will give you back most of your headshots/resumes. Nowhere near 60 attend, and most who do attend give them back. Would be nice to cut losses and have re-usable materials. Attendees aren’t casting paid work besides. So sorry to hear they’ve duped a new round of people - unless you’re looking to be offered unpaid work, or classes you’ll of course have to pay for.

    FierceConversations 05/16/2018  10:19pm

    When I did it, I grabbed a stack of PostIts and wrote it all on the Post-its instead. Took a solid 25 minutes or so to scrawl out the 60 but worth it so I could reuse the 20 or so I got back.

    iKruse 05/16/2018  10:22pm

    In the past, I've printed it on a few sheets of labels and put it on the top corner of my resume.

    muppetino 05/17/2018  10:30am

    They really need to find a better way to run this program. Even huge conferences like SETC/NETC never ask you to bring a headshot for every company, because of course not every company is interested in you and I'm sure you're not interested in every single one either. Just seems like such work to put the actor through for not a lot of profit

    Stcray 05/17/2018  11:49am

    thanks for the great advice everyone! it definitely felt like a waste of time and money. I had to print out 60 headshots/resumes..take time to write out my pieces on a post it note 60 times..and I got 30 of them back. AND it was such a long process to get them back..they were all mixed up with other people's headshots. Ugh!

    Chickenmonkey 05/19/2018  3:17pm