• Little mermaid @ Papermill 02/25/2013  4:17pm

    Advice anyone? I went to the ECC singers today and not sure when/if dance callbacks might come out. Would it be worth it to go to the ECC dancers tomorrow? Thanks!


    I got a call today from my agency to come to the Dance call tomorrow. I think you should still go! You never know what could happen! I've gone to both singer and dancer calls for a show before and have gotten passed over for one and called back at the other before! If you're free, it can never hurt!

    Pavementpounder3000 02/25/2013  6:24pm

    what do you guys think the dancing will be like?!

    danamdkny 02/25/2013  8:41pm

    They also have appts next month if you want to see if your agent can get you one??

    Ineedthisjob32 02/25/2013  11:36pm

    Who was ITR?

    needadrink 02/26/2013  11:59am