• All auditions @ Ripley Grier 520 02/26/2013  7:38am

    Except for Cortland, there are no unofficial lists. Supposedly someone got yelled at for starting one, so now a massive line is making its way up to the stairwell. That is up to the 26th floor right now. Go sign up for anything else you were planning on before coming here.


    Yikes.... Hopefully it will be better once the building opens

    Tay 02/26/2013  7:40am

    They open at 8:30, correct?

    Bunnygirl 02/26/2013  7:43am

    Nothing like spending an early morning with angry divas.

    RHOHK 02/26/2013  7:43am


    zeemra 02/26/2013  8:01am

    What do appts look like now for Shakespeare NJ & Barnstormers? How long are the alternate lists?

    dfulcher 02/26/2013  12:13pm